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Managed Services

Both Corus360’s Recovery Services and Managed Services are provided by their RES-Q™ Services division. RES-Q™ Services is a managed services provider of production, testing and disaster recovery infrastructure as well as business continuity consulting solutions. We specialize in helping organizations create, implement and maintain resiliency in their infrastructure through innovative, multi-faceted and all-inclusive solutions aiming to make environments more reliable, more manageable, more centralized and thus more recoverable.

A necessary shift in our thinking to an IT world where production infrastructure architecture and acquisition decisions are driven by recovery requirements is reflected in our four service categories: Production, Testing, Recovery and Continuity Office.

The Managed Services division delivers solutions that include:

  • Production offerings centered around utility-based computing, desktop delivery and management and unified communications
  • Testing offerings spanning the areas of disaster recovery, application and performance and quality assurance.

We believe in a holistic approach to disaster recovery – one that firmly assures that successful recovery begins long before a disaster ever occurs. Take advantage of the Managed Services that make your life easier and your business more efficient.

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