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Joining the Elite 21: Becoming a Certified Support Services Sales Leader


On September 9, Corus360 joined an elite group of only 21 IBM Business Partners in the U.S. to receive certification as an IBM Technical Support Services Sales Leadership Partner. This distinguished certification recognizes a partner’s investment in skills, inventory management tools, and sustained performance in supporting their clients’ IT infrastructure.

TechBridge: Using Technology for Good

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After working in IT for almost 20 years, I have seen some pretty unethical stuff. When I first entered the IT world, I worked with a team of developers that wrote code for restaurant POS systems. Several of the developers would routinely code in their credit card information to not be charged for their purchases. They thought it was a funny way to show off their coding skills. As time rolled by and the industry blossomed, I hoped that I had seen the last of such behavior. Unfortunately, I recently found Infrastructure Architects mining Bitcoin on company networks, only to end up fired and in jail. I guess after all this time, I shouldn’t be phased by such actions, but somehow I still get surprised.

3 Lessons from Hector, the Orange Lobster

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A few weeks ago, I met a couple of old friends for dinner to catch up after far too long. While many aspects of our lives have changed since we last spent time together, we still share the same enthusiasm for good food and craft beer, which is reassuring on a number of levels.

We met at a quirky seafood restaurant that I had never been to before, but my foodie friends assured me that I would approve. After finding a few empty seats at the bar, we soon became immersed in conversation, discussing the exciting updates in our lives.

As we spoke, my eyes began to wander the room, taking in the nautical décor and obvious regular visitors, eventually resting upon a sizeable fish tank on the back wall. I did a double-take and caught a glimpse of a claw of a most peculiar color, moving almost lazily through the water, as if conducting a half-hearted wave to casual onlookers like myself.

IT Staffing: The Neurosurgery of Recruiting


I am often asked what I do for a living, and when I reply that I work for an IT Solutions Company as a Representative of the People as a Service division, I often get a blank look in return. So, I will dumb it down a bit and explain that I work in IT Staffing.  “Oh, you’re a recruiter!” is almost always the response back, and then that person moves on to the next topic.  Unless, of course, that person is looking for a job or knows someone who is on the job hunt. It’s only then that what I do becomes relevant.

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